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[Đăng ngày: 10/11/2016]
On the date 8 November, in the city of Serpukhov, Moscow Oblast held inauguration of the light industrial zone of Vietnam.

Attending the ceremony are Vietnam's Ambassador to Russia Nguyen Thanh Son, Deputy Chief of the Moscow province, some representatives Butsaev Denis departments the Vietnam Embassy in Moscow and in Russia, the same officials, workers are working here.
Speaking at the ceremony, he stressed, Butsaev project to build light industrial zone in Vietnam's province of Moscow was mentioned from 2013 and soon after were senior leaders of both countries discussed.
The Moscow is very supportive of this important project in particular, as well as pays special attention to developing relations with Vietnam in General. The Vietnam businessmen are also very positive activity in the Moscow suburbs, many investment projects in various areas, including that of light industry. The opening of this light industrial zone to see Vietnam investors are working openly, transparently and formalize a maximum of its business activities in the area on the outskirts of the capital Moscow.
For his part, Ambassador Nguyen Thanh Son expressed thanks to the leadership in Moscow because of his support for the Vietnam business, while insisting this is a continuation of very positive cooperation process between local Vietnam and Moscow.
On this occasion, Ambassador Nguyen Thanh Son also suggested Vietnam community are working in this industry needing to comply with the law, as well as love and respect for the Russian people, thereby contributing to strengthening the relationship of traditional friendship, comprehensive cooperation between the two countries.
As the leader of the industrial park, factory infrastructure, as well as dormitories for workers, amusement, entertainment ... is a very modern building on broad stereotypes about 2 hectares. Expectedly, in the near future this infrastructure will continue to be expanded. All enterprises are active in the field of apparel, created jobs for 280 workers, mainly the Vietnam. Thanks to be equipped with modern machinery and equipment should each month this industrial zone provides the market about 60,000 units of finished products, worth the equivalent of 35-40 million Rubble.
This project beyond the economic implications, also is expected to become a bridge of friendship between the peoples of the two countries, Russia and Vietnam, as well as help solve the problem of illegal workers.

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